We focus on river flow and environment, particularly researching on phenomena in the river channel and rain water movement process of the mountainous district that is a production field of water.


TODA, Yuji                      Professor                   
TSUBAKI, Ryota     Associate Professor
OBANA, Makiko             Assistant Professor    
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Recent Publications



ž   Kim, S., Toda, Y. and Tsujimoto, T.: Geomorphological and riparian vegetation responses following a low-head dam removal: a study based on literature review, International Journal of River Basin Management, pp.1-10, 2015.

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ž   Toda, Y., Kim, S., Tsujimoto, T. and Sakai, N.: Relation between sandbar mode and vegetation expansion in sand-bed river, River Flow 2014, pp.429-435, Lausanne, Switzerland, 2014.


ž   Obana, M., Jeon H. and Tsujimoto, T.: Modeling of Deposition Process of Particulate Organic Matter (POM) with Sand on Vegetated Area in a River, Journal of Water Resource and Protection, Scientific Research Publishing, 6, pp.1290-1296, 2014.


ž   Toda, Y., Yamashita, T., Nojiri, K., Mizoguchi, Y. and Tsujimoto, T.: Numerical simulation model of river ecosystem based on river continuum concept and flood pulse concept, Int. Symp. Ecological Modelling 2013, Toulouse, France, 2013.


ž   Obana, M., Toda, Y. and Tsujimoto, T.: Nutrient Transport and Change Driven by Sub-surface Flow in Alternate Bar Reach, Procedia Environmental Sciences, Elsevier publication, Vol.13, pp.1246-1253, 2012.