Hayashi lab is doing study on environmental policy and impact assessment by interdisciplinary approach. Nowadays, biodiversity and ecosystem service assessment by combination of GIS, social scientific survey and field survey are one of the hot topics in this lab. 


HAYASHI, Kiichiro             Professor                  
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Recent Publications


ž   A. Dhakal, M. Ooba, K. Hayashi: Assessing impacts of forest conversion on terrestrial vertebrates combining forestry cost with HSI and InVEST: case of Toyota city, Japan, International Journal of Biodiversity Science, Ecosystem Services & Management, Vol.10, No.3, 2014.


ž   M. Fujii, K. Hayashi, H. Ito, M. Ooba: The Resource Occupancy to Capacity Ratio Indicator a Common Unit to Measure Sustainability, Ecological Indicators, Vol. 46, pp. 52-58, Nov. 2014.


ž   M. Ooba, K. Hayashi, M. Fujii, T. Fujita, T. Machimura, T. Matsui: Ecological, Economical, and Sustainability Assessment for Wood Biomass Production by a Temporal Dynamic Method, Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 88, pp. 318-325, 2015.


ž   M. Ooba, K. Hayashi: Comparative Assessments of Ecosystem Services between Rural and Urban Areas, International Society of Environmental and Rural Development, Vol. 5, No.2, pp.35-40, 2014.


ž   K. Hayashi, M. Ooba M., Y. Hasegawa: Cultural Ecosystem Service Assessment in a Semi-Mountainous Area of Japan: Case in Toyota City, International Journal of Environmental and Rural Development, Vol. 6, No.1, 97-102, 2015.


ž   M. Ooba, Hayashi, K., Machimura, T., Matsui, T.: Assessments of regional carbon circulation by a biogeochemical model from multi aspects: A case study of forests in Toyota city, Journal of Agricultural Meteorology, 70(1), pp.41-54, 2014.


ž   K. Hayashi, M. Ooba: A Framework Study on the Methodology of Biodiversity Offset Assessment in Japan -Hypothetical Case of GIS Screening and On-site Field Assessment, International association for impact assessment15 (IAIA15) web proceedings, 2015.


ž   Y. Yonekura, K. Hayashi, Hasegawa Y. and Ooba M.: Biodiversity assessment for Japanese urban forest, International association for impact assessment14 (IAIA14) web proceedings, 2014.


ž   M. Ooba, K. Hayashi, T. Suzuki, R. Li: Analysis of Urban Ecosystem Services Considering Conservation Priority, International Society of Environmental and Rural Development. (in press)