Departments & Programs

The Civil and Environmental Engineering groups consist of the Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the Graduate School of Engineering and the Dept. of Environmental Engineering and Architecture of the Graduate School of Environmental Studies.
Requirements for degree differ by type of Degree and Department/Graduate School.
For details, please attend the International Student Orientation after entering the Nagoya University.
Students of Deptof Civil Engineering and Graduate school of Environmental Studies allowed to participate in the two Special Programs (NUGELP and Forefront Program), where many English classes and Overseas Internship Programs are available to foster global engineers and researchers who can take leadership with practical skills, flexible ideas, wider views, and higher ethical standards. 
Note:  The scholarship students of JICA’s Programs (ABE,PEACE and JDS) and the successful applicants of G30 are required to be students of NUGELP and Forefront program, respectively.


Nagoya University Global Environmental Leaders Program
This program is aiming to develop environmental experts who are able to identify and investigate environmental problems from a global and holistic perspective, and propose practical measures to solve them in the world.

Forefront Program

Forefront Studies Program on Civil and Environmental Engineering for  Sustainable Co-Development
This program is aiming to develop international civil engineers who have advanced expertise, ability to make comprehensive judgement and deployment capabilities for sustainable co-development of Japan and foreign countries in civil engineering field.