Current Students

We welcome any question and inquiries you have about your life in Japan.
Please feel free to contact the International Student Advisors at CEEIPO (available in both Japanese and English). 
International Students Orientation for new students is held by CEEIPO at the beginning of every term. Please make sure to attend this guidance if you are International Students of Master/Doctor course, or if you (including Japanese students) would like to join the Civil and Environmental Engineering International Programs (NUGELP or Forefront Program).
Orientation for Spring Semester  2022 

DATE: April 4, Monday
TIME: 15:00-16:00
PLACE: ES building, ES021
1. Requirements to obtain Master/Doctor degree
2. Requirements to obtain Certificate of the International Programs (NUGELP, Forefront)
3. Course Registration
4. About CEEIPO (Registration of Contact Information)

Participants of the International Programs (NUGELP/Forefront Program) required to enter into internships at local companies, government bodies, or organizations, in the Nagoya region and overseas.
Details of the Internship such as period and terms of implementation should be decided through consultation with Academic Advisor and experts at recipient organizations. 
Students are expected to submit Proposals and Reports with the following schedule.
[FORM1]  Initial  Proposal   LinkIcon.doc  LinkIcon.pdf
[FORM2]  Detailed Proposal  LinkIcon.docLinkIcon.pdf
[Checklist for GRI]   LinkIcon.pdf

[Final Report]

  • Final report should be submitted as a clean copy, typed or printed from a word processing program upon white paper of A4 size.
  • The following contents should be included:
      • 1. Cover
      • 2. Table of Contents
      • 3. Background and Challenges
      • 4. Objectives od the Internship
      • 5. Methods
      • 6. Basic Information about the Internship
      • 7. Achievement and Results of the Internship
      • 8. Conclusion
      • 9. Reference
      • 10.Signature of Supervisor 
Spring and Fall Class Timetable are available here fore down load in PDF format.
Master’s/Doctor’s thesis and oral presentation must be in English to obtain the NUGELP/ Forefront Program Certificate.
Summary of Rules, Regulations and Procedures for the Doctoral Course Program in Civil Engineering