We focus on social and urban metabolism in terms of material input, stock, and output for sustainability. Material stocks of buildings and infrastructure provide numerous services such as dwelling, transport, and communication. We account and analyze material stock and flow with statistical and geographical information system (GIS) databases, in the aim to improve the efficiency and productivity of raw material consumption from the neighborhood to the global scales.


TANIKAWA, Hiroki              Professor                    
SHIRAKAWA, Hiroaki         Associate Professor    
OKUOKA, Keijiro                Assistant Professor     
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Recent Publications


ž   Hiroki Tanikawa, Tomer Fishman, Keijiro Okuoka, Kenji Sugimoto: The Weight of Society Over Time and Space: A Comprehensive Account of the Construction Material Stock of Japan, 1945–2010, Journal of Industrial Ecology, 2015.

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ž   Tanikawa, H., S. Hashimoto: Urban stock over time: spatial material stock analysis using 4d-GIS, Building Research & Information, Volume 37, (5) (6),483 - 502, 2009. 


ž   Kenji Sugimoto, Hiroyoshi Morita, Hiroki Tanikawa: Time-series analysis and prediction of building material stock and flow using 4d-GIS, Computers in Urban Planning and Urban Management (CUPUM), 243, 2015.


ž   Tomer Fishman, Heinz Schandl, and Hiroki Tanikawa: Stochastic Analysis and Forecasts of the Patterns of Speed, Acceleration, and Levels of Material Stock Accumulation in Society, Environ. Sci. Technol., February 29, 2016.

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ž   Hashimoto, S., H. Tanikawa, Y. Moriguchi: Framework for estimating potential wastes and secondary resources accumulated within an economy – A case study of construction minerals in Japan, Waste Management, Volume 29(11),2859-2866 , 2009.


ž   Hanwei Liang, Hiroki Tanikawa, Yasunari Matsuno, Liang Dong: Modeling In-Use Steel Stock in China's Buildings and Civil Engineering Infrastructure Using Time-Series of DMSP/OLS Nighttime Lights, Remort Sensing, 6(6), pp.4780-4800, 2014.

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ž   Hiroki Tanikawa, Shunsuke Managi, Cherry Myo Lwin: Estimates of Lost Material Stock of Buildings and Roads Due to the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, Journal of Industrial Ecology, Vol.18, Issue3, pp.421-431, 2014. 

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ž   Kyaw Nyunt Maung, Marianne Faith G. Martinico-perez, Takahiro Komatsu,Sujjauddin Mohammad, Shinsuke Murakami, Hiroki Tanikawa: Comparative studies on the driving factors of resource flows in Myanmar, the Phillippines, and Bangladesh, Environmental Economics and Policy Studies , 2014.

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ž   Kimberlee A. Marcellus-Zamora, Patricia M. Gallagher, Sabrina Spatari,  Hiroki Tanikawa: Estimating Materials Stocked by Land-Use Type in Historic Urban Buildings Using Spatio-Temporal Analytical Tools, Journal of Industrial Ecology, 2015.

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ž   Wanxin Hou, Xin Tian, Hiroki Tanikawa: Greening China's Wastewater Treatment Infrastructure in the Face of Rapid Development: Analysis Based on Material Stock and Flow through 2050, Journal of Industrial Ecology, 19(1), February 2015, 2015.