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Nagoya University Global Environmental Leaders Program (NUGELP) was established to develop environmental experts who are able to identify and analyze environmental problems from a global and holistic perspective, and propose practical measures to solve them in the world, focusing on Asia and Africa.

Two departments hosting the program (Department of Environmental Engineering and Architecture in the Graduate School of Environmental Studies, and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering in the Graduate School of Engineering) will accept graduate students and train them to be environmental leaders, through close partnership with cooperating departments, including the Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences and Graduate School of International Development.

NUGELP is operated based on the following targets.

  • Systematic operation of the Global Environmental Leaders Program (producing educational materials and manuals in English, networking and coordinating with external organizations, designing the program's functions as a university-wide program, etc.)
  • Providing wide support to international and Japanese (prospective) students before, during, and after program enrollment
  • Providing follow-up support and networking opportunities for alumni
  • Exploring and identifying demands for environmental experts in Japan and overseas
  • Planning and conducting domestic and international activities that fall within the program's overall mandat

Who are Global Environmental Leaders?

Who are Global Environmental Leaders? What knowledge and skills must they acquire?

NUGELP organized an essay titled "Who are Global Environmental Leaders?" in the guidebook for the students of inaugural year 2009 as a hint to consider.

We would appreciate your suggestions and comments regarding this topic.
Who are Global Environmental Leaders? ( PDF, 556KB )

Unique Education Program

The following educational benefits are offered to program students:

  • Students will receive comprehensive instructions in English, through which they will be able to acquire deeper understanding of issues, policy and technological redundant know-how, and the capacity to design policy and institutions in the study areas of global environment and sustainable development.
  • Students will have opportunities encouraged to enter into internships at local companies, government bodies, or organizations, in the Nagoya region and overseas.
  • The unique international and interactive nature of the program allows students to enhance their understanding of issues and improve their international communication skills. Students will also be given a choice of programs to enhance their English skills.
  • In addition to the master's degree, a special certificate will be awarded to students who complete the program.
  • Students can also seek further study opportunities in doctoral programs.

Who is eligible for the program?

Master's And Ph.D. course students will be accepted into the program each academic year. Candidates will be considered from among:

  • Students from Asia and Africa who desire to contribute as environmental leaders in their home countries or other places
  • Japanese students who desire to take a leading role in international environmental cooperation around the world particularly in Asia and Africa.
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