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Nagoya University Global Environmental Leaders Program (NUGELP) is now working to promote partnerships between the academia, industry and government by utilizing the framework of the Nagoya Daigaku - Kyoryokukai while keeping in mind the Chubu Consortium for Environmental Leaders Development. The following is a brief introduction to the concept behind the Consortium.

Chubu Consortium for Environmental Leaders Development (Plan in Draft)

Step to More Comprehensive and Systematic Environmental Education Program
As future environmental leaders, the program students are required to have more than textbook knowledge. They need to acquire a wide range of practical knowledge and skills in terms of practical ability. To develop their abilities to respond to this requirement, we would like to design a comprehensive and systematic curriculum based on our educational resources both on and off campus, in which students can acquire 1) broader understanding of problems, 2) theories of policy and technology, and moreover, 3) policy making and management skills.

Advantage of Chubu as a Technologically Sophisticated Manufacturing Region
Chugu region, including Nagoya City, is known as an industrial district with a great deal of know-how in environmental technology, environmental business, and global operational presence.
Furthermore, the local governments, NPOs, and international organizations in this area aggressively promote eco-friendly policies.
This program is aiming to establish a center of human resource development by taking advantage of the characteristics of this manufacturing region for fostering future environmental leaders.

The plan for the "Chubu Consortium for Environmental Leaders Development" will serve as a foundation when establishing cooperative relations between "Nagoya Daigaku - Kyoryokukai" members that agree with the basic idea above, and the Nagoya Universtiy Global Environmental Leaders Program.

Key Features of Consortium

a) Field-oriented lectures provided by the experts from outside the university
Some lectures will be provided by experts from supporting organizations such as business organizations, local governments, NPOs, and international organizations on the environmental issues.

b) Offering Research-based Internship
Unlike in the case of On the Job Training (OJT), our program offers research-based internship opportunities (ORT: On-site Research Training) in which students are committed to real problem-solving challenge in the environmental field.

Nagoya Daigaku Kyouryoku-kai

http://www.sangaku.nagoya-u.ac.jp/kyouryoku.html (Japanese only)

We would appreciate your forthright suggestions and comments regarding the establishment of the Chubu Consortium for Environmental Leaders Development.

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