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NUGELP is run primarily by the Graduate School of Environmental Studies and the Graduate School of Engineering, with support from the Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences and the Graduate School of International Development, etc. The Nagoya University Center for Global Environmental Leaders was established in October 2008 with the aim of promoting university-wide international environmental human resource development including this Program.
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This Program is promoted through partnerships with businesses, local governments, and non-profit organizations, and other bodies in the Nagoya-Chubu region. Informative lectures by outside experts and internship opportunities will be provided through close collaboration with these organizations.


Program Leader

Masafumi Nagaishi

Hiroki Tanikawa
Engineering of Environmental Systems
[Program Leader]

Global Environmental Leaders Program

Takayuki Morikawa

Takayuki Morikawa
Transportation System Analysis

[Sub-program Leader]

Office Staff

Tomoe Kosegaki

Masako Matsubara

Hiroko Kawahara

Hiroko Kawahara

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