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NUGELP Closing Ceremony AY2015 Spring

Sixteen Master Course students and two Doctor Course studnets successfully completed the NUGELP Program, and NUGELP Closing ceremony were held for their graduation on March 25.


Public Hearing of Masters' and Doctor Theses

Sixteen Master Course students and two Doctor Course students made their final presentations.


NUGELP Domestic Study Tour 2015 in Toyama

From November 26 to 27, NUGELP organized the domestic study tour to visit Toyama.


Farewell and Welcome Party

The farewell and welcome party for 5 graduates and 12 new students was hosted by students.


NUGELP Closing Ceremony AY2015 Fall

Students who enrolled in 2013 fall semester successfully completed the NUGELP Program, and NUGELP Closing ceremony were held on September 28.


NUGELP International Study Tour 2015 in Mongolia

From August 31 to September 4, NUGELP organized the international study tour to visit Mongolia.


2015 Spring NUGELP Welcome Party

10 students newly joined NUGELP from this April.


2014Fall:Welcome and Farewell Party

A party was held for 4 graduating students and 7 new students.


Domestic Tour 2014

On the 20-21 of August, NUGELP conducted a study tour to Hyogo Prefecture.


Jakarta study tour 2013

NUGELP students and 4 professors participated Jakarta study tour form November 17th to 22nd.


Leadership Training in Europe

From March 4-11, 9 students participated in the Leadership Training to visit France, Belgium and Denmark.


Excursion Program on Water Conservation Efforts

On December 14th and 15th, 19 students and 4 instructors/staff participated in an excursion on water conservation efforts which took them to Tokuyama Dam in Gifu and Japan's largest lake, Lake Biwa in Shiga.


Yakushima Environmental Study Tour

12 NUGELP students participated in the 3-day Yakushima Environmental Tour from January 18-20.


NUGELP International Forum

On November 22, NUGELP hosted an international forum, titled ‘‘Forum on Advanced Education for Global Environmental Leaders – Focusing on Sustainable Development in Asia and Africa – ’’ and more than 140 people turned out.


AY2012 Fall Student Guidance/Welcome Party

On October 1, NUGELP hosted the 2012 Fall Opening Ceremony to welcome 4 students from Philippines, 1 student from Myanmar for Master’s program.


2012 Fall NUGELP Closing Ceremony

Students who enrolled in 2010 fall semester successfully completed the NUGELP Program, and NUGELP Closing ceremony and the farewell party hosted by current students were held on September 27.


NUGELP Consultation for New M2 Students

On September 25, the new M2 students from this fall (Bansao-san, Libut-san, Dacwag-san, Mimi-san) met with NUGELP professors to present their achievements in the past year.


Bangladesh Study Tour

From September 7 for 9 days, 11 students participated in the Study Tour to visit Bangladesh for 9 days.


GRI Presentation Session

On August 1, NUGELP hosted GRI (Global Research Internship) Presentation Session and three NUGELP students presented their accomplishments and experiences from their internship.


Master’s Thesis Defense

On July 24, Graduate School of Environmental Studies hosted Master’s thesis defense session, and 6 NUGELP students, expecting to graduate this fall, namely Geng-san, Hoang-san, Lam-san, Hung-san, Francis-san, and Lumbasi-san, defended their Master’s thesis.


The U.S. Leadership Training

From July 15 for 8 days, 12 NUGELP students visited the United States for their Leadership Training. They visited the World Bank in Washington DC, the United Nations Headquarters in New York, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University in Boston to meet international leaders.


Spring Excursion

NUGELP Spring Excursion trip took place on June 1 and 2. 25 students and 5 instructors/staff participated and visited Wind/Thermal/Solar Power Plants as well as Toyota’s Ecoful Town in Toyota City, Aich Prefecture.


School of Environmental Studies Open Campus

On May 26, School of Environmental Studies’ Open Campus was held and NUGELP was introduced during the program.


Students Delegation from the Philippines (JENESYS program) visited Nagoya University

On April 23, a Students Delegation from the Philippines, visiting Japan on JENESYS (Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for students and Youth) program, visited Nagoya University. NUGELP professors and current students talked about the Japanese higher education related to the environment including NUGELP and their personal experiences as foreign students in Japan. A very productive discussion took place on NUGELP activities between Philippino students and NUGELP members. We hope those students who visited will come back to NUGELP in the future!


AY2012 Spring NUGELP Guidance

NUGELP guidance for newly enrolled students was held on April 12.
In addition to introduction of professors/staff members and NUGELP program including the curriculum, new students also introduced themselves to each other. Also on April 20, current NUGELP students held a welcome party for their new classmates.
Congratulations and welcome to NUGELP.


Open Campus (Graduate School of Engineering)

On March 31, NUGELP was introduced at an open campus event of the Graduate School of Engineering for undergraduate students with interests to pursue their masters or doctoral degrees.
Many inquiries were received on NUGELP, partly due to the fact that global perspectives are increasingly required by the Japanese society.


NUGELP Closing Ceremony

On March 26th, the class of 2010 graduated from the NUGELP program. It was a memorable event during which the faculty and current students congratulated the alumni for their accomplishments and their successful careers as a global leader in their respective areas.


Overseas Training on Global Environmental Leaders in U.S.A.

From February 27 to March 4, 9 NUGELP students visited the United States as a part of Overseas Training.


NUGELP students spent a day in Tohoku, Miyagi Prefecture.

NUGELP students spent a day in Tohoku, Miyagi Prefecture.*
On February 22nd 2012, thirteen NUGELP students visited Miyagi Prefecture to offer their support to the community. Thanks to the detailed planning of "Oh Guts !", the local coordinator that received schools, institutions from outside the prefecture, the students visited the towns of Ogatsu, Onagawa and Ishinomaki. The area previously known for its beautiful coastlines, green mountains, oysters and scallops was heavily hit by the great tsunami of last year. Nevertheless, the students found the local community was determined to carry on regardless of the rubble that still remained. The experience has certainly left a strong impression on the participants, some who have expressed the community's strength as "brave and remarkable.”


Short-term Program Closing Ceremony

On February 20th, four students graduated from our Short-term Program. The program congratulates the four, Andreas Graf (Free University of Berlin), Tam Thanh Nguen (Ho Chi Minh City University of Science), Tuyen Ngoc Nguyen (Ho Chi Minh City University of Science) and Yazid (Bandung Institute of Technology) and wishes them well as they return to their universities and go on to successful careers.


Master’s Thesis Defense

On February 9 and 10, NUGELP students in Graduate School of Environmental Studies and Graduate School of Engineering defended their master’s thesis.


Biological Resources Management Project Extension Lecture Series

On December 14, 21 and January 11, NUGELP hosted its 3-day extension lecture series on Biological Resources Management Project with an intension of getting closer eyes on the actual practice in the field.


Excursion Program on Biodiversity and Conservation of CulturalLandscape

Students visited Ise/Kumano regions in Mie Prefecture on December 9 and 10. During their visit, they learned about Mie Prefecture's environmental policy and eco-tourism making use of local resources. They also enjoyed hiking on Kumano Kodo (ancient pilgrimage routes), while listening to the details of the area.


Student Forum on Sustainable City: Circulation Society and Low-Carbon City in Beijing, China

To celebrate the inter-school academic agreement between Nagoya University and Beijing Normal University, Student Forum on Sustainable City: Circulation Society and low-Carbon City was held in Beijing on November 25, and 4 instructors/staff members and 7 students (2 instructors and 4 students from NUGELP) from Nagoya University participated in this forum.


Presentation Sessions on GRI

On November 18 and December 2, Presentation Sessions on GRI (Global Research Internship) were held at NUGELP.
14 students on November 18, and 7 students on December 2 reported their internship experiences to the audience.


NUGELP Workshop in Manila, Philippines

On November 8, NUGELP hosted a workshop for international cooperation in training environmental leaders in Manila, Philippines.


JICA Dialogue Program: Regional Development by Sustainable Use of Biodiversity (1)

From October 2 to November 3, NUGELP Student, Hoang participated in a group training ‘Regional Development by Sustainable Use of Biodiversity’ at JICA Chubu.


JICA Dialogue Program: Country Focused Training for Solid Waste Management in Sri Lanka (2)

Following last year's successful participation of the NUGELP students, 4 students (Haikal, Francis, Lam and Hung) participated in JICA Dialogue Program: Country Focused Training for Solid Waste Management in Sri Lanka this year from October 10 to November 1.
Lam and Hung joined as a part of their GRI program.


Global Environmental Leaders (GEL) Seminar: Project and Management Series

From October 27, NUGELP invited lecturers from IC-Net, the leading development consultant company, and hosted 4-day P2M (Project and Program Management) lecture series as a part of Global Environmental Leaders (GEL) Seminar.


NUGELP guidance, reception

On October 3, NUGELP greeted 8 newcomers to the program - 4 students to the 2 year program and the other 4 to the short 6 month program.


Closing Ceremony in Fall AY2011

5 students who enrolled in fall 2009 successfully finished the NUGELP program, and the closing ceremony was held on September 27.


Study Tour in Vietnam

12 NUGELP students participated in a study tour in Vietnam from September 4 to 11.
They visited JICA, ADB (Asian Development Bank) and World Bank offices, and met with the experts in Vietnam.


Master Thesis Defense

On July 28, NUGELP students defended their thesis on this day, one of the highlights of their studies here at the university.


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